Working together to achieve more

In Dalhousie’s Experimental Glaucoma and Imaging Lab, we’re actively collaborating with a number of research groups around the world. These collaborations provide us with the opportunity to work with a variety of people on a range of projects. By sharing these projects, we’re able to share our expertise while also learning from others.

Ongoing collaborations

Dr. Tom Yorio (University of Texas Health Sciences Center): Our research relies on our ability to mimic the causes and progression of glaucoma using experimental glaucoma models. In our collaboration with Dr. Yorio, we assess the role of endothelin and its receptors by measuring changes in the retina of endothelin B knock-out rats. 

Drs. Rudolf Fuchshofer and Ernst Tamm (University of Regensburg): We’re working with the University of Regensburg to validate a new transgenic mouse model in which we spontaneously elevate intraocular pressure, causing retinal ganglion cell loss.

Dr. Francois Tremblay (Dalhousie University, IWK Health Centre): The ability to assess retinal function is necessary to assessing the damage associated with experimental glaucoma. In collaboration with Dr. Tremblay, we measure retinal activity with multielectrode array (MEA) recording and electroretinography (ERG).

Dr. Dao-Yi Yu (University of Western Australia): Our work with Dr. Yu looks at changes in retinal blood flow and functional in vivo imaging in experimental glaucoma.