Major current research foci of the DHIIG group have common aims in:

1. Determining mechanisms whereby inflammation resolution can be enhanced, and damaging tissue remodeling events avoided, to identify novel therapies.

2. Improving the targeting of existing therapies and/or repurposing existing drugs which impact inflammatory processes.

3. Understanding fundamental mechanisms of human immunology/inflammation with a view to developing novel therapies for inflammatory disease.

Major shared research initiatives, are underway and the team has an excellent track record of joint funding, publications, and trainee supervision, including current and previous CIHR group and team grants.


The goals of the Restitution Enhancement in Arthritis and Chronic Heart disease (REACH) team are:

1. To develop strategies for the early identification of early RA and MI subjects in which damaging inflammatory processes will resolve with a view to making clinical interventions more timely and cost effective.

2. To define and develop novel approaches to enhance long term restitution in chronic inflammatory disease based on our clinical and biological studies of inflammation resolution.

These goals will be attained through an ambitious, but carefully co-ordinated program of research and knowledge translation. Given the tremendous morbidity, mortality, and health care costs associated with RA and post-MI damage, even partial success in one disease setting would translate into substantial health and healthcare cost benefits.