Help Train Medical Students

Join the Volunteer Patient Program

To get really good at what they do, medical students need to practise their interviewing and examination skills on real people. The Volunteer Patient Program (VPP) gives first-year students the opportunity to rehearse these skills.

Volunteer patient recruitment

Within each unit of the curriculum, students learn how to take the appropriate medical history and how to conduct the relevant physical exam(s). Because of that, we welcome volunteers who are healthy, or who have a variety of health conditions.

What to expect

By spending time with our talented students, either in-person or on-line, you will assist them in developing the skills they’ll need to serve patients in real-life clinical settings. In return for your time, you’ll receive the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping prepare the compassionate and capable physicians that our communities need.


Wednesdays: 1:20–3:45pm
Thursdays: 9:20–11:45am
Fridays: 9:20–11:45am

Volunteer patients can participate once or more than once - whatever schedules allow.

Sign up

Angela Vermeir, Halifax VPP coordinator:, 902-717-2527
Saint John VPP:, 506-650-7653