Message from Associate Dean


On behalf of the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education, I am delighted to welcome back our returning students and extend a hearty welcome to our newest medical students. Whether you are looking forward to your final months of clerkship or are just getting started, Dalhousie Medical School is an ideal training ground for you to learn the art and science of practising medicine.

At Dalhousie we constantly work to improve our curriculum and the experiences you will have here as learners. We recently completed an extensive renewal and restructuring of our undergraduate medical curriculum, elevating our program to be one of the best in the country. We will not rest on our laurels, however; we will strive to adapt and improve each day. I strongly encourage you to be a part of that process and I assure you that the UGME office will always be open to your suggestions and feedback. 

Simply put, our goal is to help you, our students, become the best doctors. Along with our refreshed curriculum and an exemplary team of faculty, mentors and staff working with students to achieve that goal, we boast several programs and attributes that set our approach to medical education apart.

For example, one unique facet of our program is early exposure to patients. In fact, our medical students start learning from actual patients in a clinical setting as early as their first week at Dalhousie Medical School. We also offer extensive opportunities for interprofessional education, providing critical tools that today’s physicians need to work well in increasingly team-based, interdisciplinary environments. In addition, our successful Research in Medicine program not only encourages our students to undertake research, it also prepares them to better serve their future patients using evidence-based care and provides a distinct advantage in competing for residency positions.

We are very proud of the medical education we offer and of our outstanding students who use these programs to develop and grow into the best doctors they can be. Our graduates excel in their licensing exams and achieve great success in the CaRMS match every year, and ultimately enjoy rewarding careers. In the meantime, our students are happy to be a part of Dalhousie Medical School, and are keen to engage and be engaged in their chosen field and in the communities they will serve.


Dr. Evelyn Sutton
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education