Preparing students for a career in medical neuroscience

The Department of Medical Neuroscience operates within Dalhousie's Medical School to deliver core content to students and residents of medicine, dentistry and the health professions.

The department also contributes to several courses for programs offered through the Faculty of Science, as well as MSc and PhD programs through the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Our Programs

Graduate programs: We offer a master’s and PhD program in Medical Neuroscience that provides you with a sound multidisciplinary background in the morphological sciences, in-depth research training and an introduction to teaching anatomy.Learn more about our graduate programs.

Undergraduate courses: These courses provide science students with a foundation for future medical study. Learn more about our undergraduate courses.


Stipends and Tuition/Fees

Minimum stipends (listed below) take into consideration the tuition & fees that are applicable at each stage of degree and whether the program is M.Sc. or Ph.D. Full tuition & fees are applicable only to first year MSc students. International fees are collected from international students at the MSc level.

Department of Medical Neuroscience Minimum Stipends (effective September 2024)

Degree level
Tuition &
  Take-Home pay     
MSc Full fees (International)





MSc Full fees (Canadian)





MSc Continuing fees (Int.)





MSc Continuing fees (CAD)





Doctoral (International)





Doctoral (Canadian)





*Stipend = Tuition+fees+take-home pay

Students that transfer to PhD from MSc may receive a portion of their tuition refunded (determined by FGS at time of transfer).

The estimated tuition & fees include incidental fees.

All full-time students are provided with Health and Dental Plans. International students are also provided with a basic health insurance plan. However, these plans do cost money and students with proof of sufficient coverage from another source may opt out.

Learn more about additional sources of funding and support.


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