Undergraduate Courses

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Maybe you’re a biology student working your way through your undergraduate degree with medical school in mind. Or maybe you’re still looking for the perfect career path for you. No matter which camp you fall into, the Department of Medical Neuroscience offers interesting courses that are relevant to you.

Our courses

  • ANAT 1010.03: Basic Human Anatomy
  • ANAT 1020.03: Basic Human Anatomy
  • ANAT 1040.03: Basic Human Anatomy for Pharmacy Students
  • ANAT 2160.03: Introduction to Human Histology
  • ANAT 3421.03: Comparative Vertebrate Histology
  • BIOL 3421.03: Comparative Vertabrate Histology
  • BIOL 3430.03: Introduction to Human Histology
  • NESC 3440.03: Neuroanatomy
  • NESC 4070.03 Chemical Neurobiology