Ying Zhang


Y. Zhang

Email: ying.zhang@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-6908
Mailing Address: 
Department of Medical Neuroscience, 
Dalhousie University, Life Sciences Research Institute, 1348 Summer Street, 
Halifax, Nova Scotia
, Canada 
B3H 4R2


  • PhD (Cornell University)

Research interests

The fundamental goal of Dr. Zhang’s laboratory research is to understand the organization of neural circuits that control locomotion and identify mechanisms underlying locomotor behaviors.

Selected publications

  • Deska-Gauthier D, Borowska-Fielding J, Jones C, Zhang Y* (2019) The temporal neurogenesis patterning of spinal p3-V3 interneurons into divergent subpopulation assemblies. J Neurosci. 40(7): 1440-1452
  • Danner S, Zhang H, Shevtsova NA, Borowska J, Deska-Gauthier D, Rybak IA*, Zhang Y* (2019) Spinal V3 interneurons and left-right coordination in mammalian locomotion. Frontiers in Neural Circuits, https://doi.org/10.3389/fncel.2019.00516
  • Sharples SA, Burma NE, Borowska-Fielding J, Kwok CHT, Eaton SEA, Baker GB, Jean-Xavier C, Zhang Y, Trang T, Whelan PJ (2019) A dynamic role for dopamine receptors in the control of mammalian spinal networks. doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/715326
  • Liu Y, Qi J, Chen X, Tang M, Chu C, Zhu W, Li H, Tian C, Yang G, Zhong C, Zhang Y, Ni G, He S, Chai R, Zhong G (2019). Critical role of spectrin in hearing development and deafness. Sci Adv. 17;5(4)
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  • Chopek JW, Nascimento F, Beato M, Brownstone RB*, and Zhang Y* (2018) Sub-populations of spinal V3 interneurons form focal modules of layered pre-motor microcircuits. Cell Rep 25(1): 146-156.e3. doi: 10.1016
  • Peng J, Ferent J, Li Q, Liu M, Da Silva, R, Zeilhofer H, Kania A, Zhang Y*, Charron F* (2018) Loss of Dcc in the spinal cord is sufficient to cause a deficit in lateralized motor control and the switch to a hopping gait. Developmental Dynamics 247(4):620-629
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