Our Staff

Catherine Currell, administrator
Tel: 902-494-7724
Email: catherine.currell@dal.ca
Brenda Armstrong, coordinator, Human Body Donation Program
Tel: 902-494-6850
Email: brenda.armstrong@dal.ca
Pauline Fraser, administrative assistant to the head and graduate & undergraduate programs
Tel: 902-494-2051
Email: pauline.fraser@dal.ca
Robert Sandeski, coordinator, Anatomical Laboratories
Tel: 902-494-3383
Email: rob.sandeski@dal.ca
Tamara Harvey, technician
Tel: 902-494-6420
Email: tamara.harvey@dal.ca
Trevor MacLaren, technician
Tel: 902-494-6885
Email: trevor.maclaren@dal.ca

Dasse Nadaradjan, senior lab technologist (DMNB)

Email: rt713536@dal.ca