Electron microscope facility

As a student or faculty member at the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine, you’ll have access to our advanced electron microscope (EM) facility. This progressive, fee-for-service facility provides high-level TEM imaging for a variety of internal and external research projects.

Located in the sub-basement of the Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building, the 2,000 square foot facility is used to:

Find it at the EM facility

  • a 120 kV JEOL 1230 TEM equipped with a cryo-stage and a 4 megapixel CCD camera
  • ultramicrotomes
  • a freeze-fracture unit
  • evaporation units
  • a microwave processing oven
  • a JEOL 840 SEM
  • preparation equipment

Facility support

The EM facility's supported by two members from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology:

Mary Ann Trevors, facility manager: Oversees all daily EM activities, providing assistance with specimen handling and instrument use. More specifically, she performs specimen preparation, sectioning, staining (including immunocytochemistry) and helps users operate the TEM, especially those investigators unaccustomed to performing their own EM work. She also manages the operation of the onsite BD FACS Calibur Unit, offering training and routine maintenance to users.

Dr. G.T. Faulkner: Dr. Faulkner is currently available on a part-time basis to help researchers with projects and use of specialized equipment and techniques.

Book a session

Contact the facility at 902-494-2346 regarding sample preparation and booking.

Where to find us

Our EM facility is in the sub-basement of the Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building. Here's how to reach us:

Phone: 902-494-2346
Email: mary.ann.trevors@dal.ca