A wealth of opportunity

With the only Microbiology & Immunology program in the Maritimes, we’re a research-intensive department that helps students build the skills they need to become excellent biomedical researchers.

Our department, which has a long-standing reputation for quality academics and research, focuses on readying students and postdoctoral trainees to work in a wide range of environments, including academia, medical research, biotech, and the food industry.

We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities appropriate for all levels, including an undergraduate program with a co-op option, graduate programs, and postdoctoral training.

A big picture approach

Our close working relationship with internationally recognized clinical departments at Dalhousie, like Pediatrics, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Surgery and Medicine, as well as Dalhousie's Faculty of Dentistry, allows us to take a multi-disciplinary approach to research in areas like:

  • Bacteriology & microbial pathogenesis
  • Cancer
  • Immunology/inflammation
  • Virology


Our department's work involves many partners and collaborations, such as: