Undergraduate Program

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The Microbiology and Immunology Department offers innovative undergraduate degree programs leading to:

·         Bachelor of Science (Honours)

·         Bachelor of Science (Major)

·         Bachelor of Science with Co-op

·         Combined Honours (could be combined with Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biology or another eligible subject)

·         Bachelor of Science (Minor)

Experience and Knowledge Towards Careers in Biomedical and Environmental fields

As a student of Dalhousie’s Microbiology & Immunology program, you’ll benefit from a career-boosting combination of world-class education and hands-on research.

Courses in Microbiology and Immunology will prepare you for careers in:

·         Biomedical and Environmental Research

·         Biotechnology, Industrial Microbiology, and Pharmaceuticals

·         Vaccine development, Probiotics

·         Genomics and Applied Genetics

·         Environmental Monitoring

·         Food Quality and Safety

·         Government Policy

·         Specific health care fields such as medicinedentistry and pharmacy.

Program Format

For entry in MICI2100 (Introduction to Microbiology and Immunology) which is generally taken in 2nd year of undergraduate study, students must first complete prerequisites in 1000 level BIOL and CHEM courses.  Students typically declare their formal MICI Major in 2nd year of undergraduate study but can do so at any time.

·         3000 and 4000 level MICI courses provide specific discipline knowledge with advanced concepts and research opportunities

·         Honours research (MICI4901/4902), if chosen as a degree program, typically occurs in 4th year

·         For more information consult the MICI Undergraduate Handbook

·         Some MICI courses are offered as part of the curriculum for other professional programs (nursing, pharmacy, dentistry).  Other professional programs often require a 2000 level MICI course (MICI2100) for admission (e.g., veterinary, ophthalmology and others).