Courses that count as Microbiology and Immunology credits

Microbiology and Immunology (MICI)

2100 Introductory Microbiology and Immunology (F) (W online)
2115 Human Organs and Tissues (W)
2400 Laboratory Methods in Microbiology and Immunology (W)
3024 Microscopy (F) (may not be offered every year)
3114 Virology (F)
3115 Immunology (F)
3119 Physiology of the Prokaryotic Cell (F)
3620 Experiential Learning in Microbiology and Immunology (only by permission)
4027 Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer (W) (may not be offered every year)
4033 Advanced Microbial Genetics (W)
4100 Processes and Mediators of Inflammation (W)
4114 Advanced Topics in Molecular and Medical Virology (W)
4115 Immunology of Host Resistance (W)
4116 Current Topics in Mucosal Immunology (F)
4118 Molecular Bacterial Pathogenesis (F) (may not be offered every year)
4218 Clinical Microbiology (W)
4302 Molecular Immunology (F)
4700 Directed Research Project (F and W) (not for Honours students)
4701/4702 Advanced Topics in Microbiology and Immunology (F or W) (only by permission)
4900 Honours Research and Thesis (F and W)

MICI approved courses in Biology (BIOL)

2004 Diversity of Life II (W)
3101 Microbial Ecology (W)
3102 Microbial Eukaryotes (F)
3322 Parasitology (F)

MICI approved course in Psychology and Neuroscience (PSYO/NESC)

3180 Psychoneuroimmunology/Ecoimmunology (F)

MICI approved courses in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BIOC)

4010 Bioinformatics (W)
4403 Genes and Genomes (W)
4404 Gene Expression (F)
4501 Medical Biotechnology I (F)
4835 Human Genetics (W)

MICI approved courses in Food Science & Technology

FOSC 3080 Food Microbiology (F)

F = fall term     W = winter term