Understanding how drugs work

Have you ever marveled at how quickly antibiotics clear up infections? Or wondered why the anesthetic your dentist gives you doesn’t work as well when you’re nervous?

With a degree in pharmacology, you’ll gain the theoretical knowledge and the hands-on experience to truly understand the benefits and effects of drugs on the body—whether you’re working with humans or animals.

Is pharmacology for you?

As a Dalhousie student, there are plenty of ways to incorporate pharmacology into your degree. We offer undergraduate classes, master’s programs and PhD programs in an outstanding research environment, with opportunities to work on topics ranging from intracellular signaling systems to pharmacological and physiological actions in integrated systems.

And our courses aren’t just for pharmacology students. You’ll also want to explore our offerings if you’re enrolled in the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Health Professions, Science or Graduate Studies.

Curious? Find out more about pharmacology. 

2019-2025 - Department of Pharmacology Strategic Plan