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Programs for an exciting future

If you’re interested in the effects of drugs on the human body, Dalhousie’s Department of Pharmacology has something for you, no matter where you are in your studies.

Our programs and courses will prepare you for a future you can look forward to—whether you choose to work in academic or pharmaceutical research, the biotechnology industry or drug regulation.

Undergraduate classes: Pharmacology is an important component in a number of fields. We offer undergraduate courses to science, dentistry, pharmacy and occupational therapy students. Find out more about our undergraduate classes.

Graduate program: If you’ve developed a general interest in how the human body reacts to various drugs, this two-year program may be right for you. Learn more about our master's program.

PhD program: Take your career farther with our PhD program. Gain the skills and knowledge you need to initiate and maintain research projects—in academic or industrial settings. Find out more about our PhD program.