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Interested in Pharmacology graduate programs at Dalhousie University?

Read on to learn how to apply to our programs.

Step 1 

Read about research conducted by our faculty and representative publications. Decide which faculty member(s) whose supervision you wish to do your MSc or PhD research. It is advisable to contact the appropriate research supervisor(s) directly.

Contact your potential supervisor (s) and include the following:

  1. Cover letter describing your research interests and experience
  2. A university transcript (can be unofficial at this stage) 
  3. English language proficiency score (if required).

If you are contacting more than one potential supervisor, please make them aware of other faculty you are considering as a potential supervisor. 

Step 2

The supervisor(s) will bring your case to the department graduate student committee for consideration for admission. 

If acceptable, the department will contact you regarding the documentation required for your application to be considered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies who issues final acceptance.

Admission Requirements

The Faculty of Graduate Studies, Dalhousie University, requires an Honours degree or equivalent for admission. This equals at least 20 full credits. Other programs are sometimes considered equivalent to an honours degree, if they are 4 year programs and have 20 credits.

International students whose native language is other than English must also provide evidence of proficiency in English.  These applicants must submit the results of a T.O.E.F.L. test or an IELTS test at the time of application.  The minimum T.O.E.F.L. score accepted is 600 (paper score) or 250 (computer score) or 100 (internet score).  The minimum IELTS score accepted is 7.5.