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If you’ve satisfied our admission requirements and you’re interested in a future career in pharmacology, then you’re ready to apply.


Step 1 

Find a supervisor. Read about research conducted within the department and contact potential research supervisor(s) directly. You may also want to checkout faculty that are currently recruiting

Contact your potential supervisor(s) and include the following:

  1. Cover letter describing your research interests and experience
  2. A university transcript (can be unofficial at this stage) 
  3. English language proficiency score (if required).

If you are contacting more than one potential supervisor, please make them aware of other faculty you are considering as a potential supervisor. 

Step 2

Complete an application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, which will require all official academic transcripts, two letters of reference, and the payment of an application fee. 

In addition, our department also requires:

  • personal statement: Describe in a brief document (1-2 pages) your educational and/or professional experience (including publications, awards and relevant employment), your graduate program goals and your reasons for wanting to attend Dalhousie. Explain any gaps or deficiencies in your academic record, or any other factors you with to have taken into account.
  • research statement: Provide a one page summary outlining your general area of research interest. This does not commit you to a thesis topic, but will be used by the university to assess your application.
  • TOEFL score (international students)

Need help? Feel free to email us.