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Undergraduate Courses

Indulge your curiosity

Your undergraduate years are the perfect time to explore your interests. Our undergraduate courses give you the opportunity to build your knowledge of physiology, without committing to a specialty. You’ll benefit from a broad introduction to the topic of physiology, and you’ll be prepared to make an informed decision when it’s time to take your next step.

Our courses

Whether you’re learning about vision and audition in sensory physiology, the nerve cells of the brain in cellular neurophysiology, or you’re gaining a more general understanding in our introductory physiology course, there’s plenty to explore.

In addition to our standard course offerings, we also offer a distance course in human physiology, and laboratory placements for biology or psychology students working on honours research projects in physiology.

See our undergraduate course listing.

Build the career you want

Taking the first step towards a career in physiology or biophysics means that you’ll have plenty of options later on. Training in physiology can lead to a research career in academia or the biotechnology industry, or it could provide the educational background you’ll need for a range of medical professional programs.