Understanding life’s building blocks

We’ll help you find out what you’re made of. In the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, we’re dedicated to studying biological systems, including how cells, tissues and organs function. It's the foundation upon which we base our knowledge of what life is.

Interested in a master’s or a doctorate? Choose from five areas of research concentration:

You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside investigators as they explore the mechanisms and integration of cellular functions in tissues, organs and systems, using advanced techniques in:

  • molecular biology
  • imaging
  • electrophysiology
  • neurochemistry
  • computational modeling

Maybe you’re not ready for a master’s yet? Develop a solid base of knowledge with our undergraduate classes.

Work with a strong team

Choosing to study physiology and biophysics at Dalhousie means you have the opportunity to work on pioneering research with a renowned team of researchers. With over 30 faculty members and a diverse research environment, you’ll find plenty of opportunity for scientific interaction and training.

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