Sharpen your expertise

It can be hard to find the time to update your skills and your knowledge when you’re juggling work, family and social responsibilities. We help make it easier, by providing relevant, convenient seminars that are designed to help you make the most of your time. Anyone is welcome to attend the seminars, and no registration is necessary.


SEPT 6: 11:30a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. J. Andres Melendez

“Redox-control of Cell Senescence through Ca2+ and Selenocysteine Modulation”

SEPT 20: 11:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Matthew Stoyek

“The Intracardiac Nervous System: Formation, Function, and Dysfunction”

Physiology & Biophysics

OCT 4: 11:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Richard Brown

“What Have We Learned about Aging and Dementia from Mouse Models?”

OCT 18: 11:30a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Alvin Shrier

“Molecular and Cellular Dynamics of Cardiac Arrhythmias”

NOV 1: 11:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Balwantray Chauhan

“Imaging Retinal Ganglion Cells: From the Neuroretinal Rim to Dendrites”

NOV 29: 11:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Rosa Puertollano

“New Roles of TFEB and TFE3 in Cellular Response to Stress”

DEC 13: 11:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Valerie Chappe

“Cystic Fibrosis Research in the era of personalized medicine"


JAN 17: 10:00a.m., Room 3H1

Jennifer Estall

"The genetic and molecular consequences of targeting PGC-1alpha in metabolic disease"

FEB 28:
10:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Oliver Braubach

"What lies in between olfactory bulb inputs and outputs?"

MAR 28: 10:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Christian Lehmann

Title: "Endocannabinoid system research using intravital microscopy"

APR 11: 10:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Sarah Gray

Title: "Endocrine regulation of energy metabolism: implications for obesity and metabolic disease"

APR 25: 10:00a.m., Room 3H1

Dr. Nadine Hempel

Title: “The Hijacking of Antioxidant Defenses by Ovarian Cancer Cells”

MAY 9: 10:00a.m., Room 3H1

Jeremy Sivak

Title: “Fair-weather Friends: Astrocyte:neuron interactions in inner retinal injury”

MAY 27: 11:00a.m., Room 3H1

Issekutz Lecture: Dame Fran Ashcroft

Title: TBD

June 6: Room 3H1

Research Day: Dr. John C. “Charles” Nicholson


Title: “Biophysical adventures in brain extracellular space"