Our People

Meet your team

Psychiatrists and general practitioners in psychiatry: These physicians are responsible for your initial assessment, which includes diagnosis and treatment recommendations. They’ll also track your progress through follow-up appointments, and provide talk therapy when necessary.

Clinical nurses: Your nurse will help you manage your symptoms, assist in developing an individualized treatment plan, and support you and your family as you navigate the program.

Occupational therapists: Our occupational therapist will help you regain or improve your quality of life. Whether you’re trying to get back into school or the workforce, or you just want to be able to hang out with your friends, our occupational therapist can help.

Social workers: Our family support social worker focuses on the needs of your family. They offer private and group sessions designed to provide support and encouragement, develop understanding, and build stress and behavior management skills.

NSEPP education coordinator: This individual works with the other members of the team to develop educational materials and programs for patients, families, mental health and allied professionals, educators and counselors, community services agencies, physicians, psychiatrists and the public.