Chris ThomasPhD, MCCPM

Assistant Professor


Phone: 902-473-1302
Fax: 902-473-6120
Mailing Address: 
Department of Radiation Oncology
Dalhousie University
Rm 3005, Nova Scotia Cancer Centre
5820 University Avenue
Halifax, B3H 1V7
Research Topics:
  • Trajectory-based stereotactic radiotherapy
  • Imaging in radiotherapy
  • Incorporation of fMRI into radiotherapy planning

Clinical sites

Stereotactic body radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy/radiosurgery


  • BSc (St. Mary’s University)
  • MSc (Dalhousie University)
  • PhD (University of Western Ontario)
  • Medical Physics Residency (Princess Margaret Hospital)

Academic interests

  • Scientific communications
  • Patient privacy

Awards and honours

Medical Physics Teacher of the year – 2013

2017 Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency – Atlantic Innovation Fund and Brainlab AG (industrial partner), $3.64M, Novel technologies for treatment of cancer with precision radiotherapy, co-PI with Drs. Mike Sattarivand, Alasdair Syme and Jams Robar.

2017 Springboard Atlantic IM-Industry Engagement award, $7,800 (including matching funds). Co-investigator with Dr. James Robar.


  • MacDonald RL, Syme A, Little B, Ward L, Thomas CG.   Toward the combined optimization of dynamic axes (CODA) for stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery using fixed couch trajectories. Med. Phys. [Epub ahead of print], 2019.
  • MacDonald RL, Thomas CG, Ward L, Syme A.  Intra-arc binary collimation algorithm for the optimization of stereotactic radiotherapy treatment of multiple metastases with multiple prescriptions.  Med. Phys. 45(12):  5597 – 5607, 2018.
  • MacDonald RL, Thomas CG, Syme A.  Dynamic Collimator Trajectory Algorithm for Multiple Metastases Dynamic Conformal Arc Treatment Planning.  Med. Phys. 45(1):  5 – 17, 2018.
  • MacDonald RL, Robar JL, Thomas CG.  Overlap-Guided Fixed-Patient Support Positioning Optimization for Cranial SRT.  Med Phys 44(1):  17 – 27, 2017.
  • MacDonald RL, Thomas CG.  Dynamic Trajectory-Based Couch Motion for Improvement of Radiation Therapy Trajectories in Cranial SRT.  Med Phys 42(5):  2317 – 25, 2015.
  • Davis CA, Thomas C, Abdolell M, Day A, Hollenhorst H, Rajaraman M, Mulroy L, Bowes D, Cwajna S, Rheaume D, Patil N, Burrell S, Wilke D.  Investigating the impact of positron emission tomography–computed tomography versus computed tomography alone for high-risk volume selection in head and neck and lung patients undergoing radiotherapy: interim findings.  Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences 46(2):  148 – 155, 2015.
  • Robar JL, Thomas C.  HybridArc: A novel radiation therapy technique combing optimized dynamic arcs and intensity modulation.  Med Dos 37(4):  358-68, 2012.
  • Churchill NW, Oder A, Abdi H, Tam F, Lee W, Thomas C, Ween JE, Graham SJ, Strother SC.  Optimizing preprocessing and analysis pipelines for single-subject fMRI. I. Standard temporal motion and physiological noise correction methods.   Hum Brain Mapp 33(3):  609 – 27, 2012.
  • Skala M, Rosewall T, Dawson L, Divanbeigi L, Lockwood G, Thomas C, Crook J, Chung P, Warde P, Catton C.  Patient-assessed late toxicity rates and principal component analysis after image-guided radiation therapy for prostate cancer.  Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 68(3):  690 – 698, 2007.

Other interests and achievements

  • Associate Scientist of Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute 
  • R. Lee MacDonald, Alasdair Syme, Christopher G. Thomas.  “Systems and Methods for Planning, Controlling and/or Delivering Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Using Combined Optimization of Dynamic Axes (CODA)”, filed by Dalhousie University.  PCT application:  PCT/CA2019/050492.
  • R. Lee MacDonald, Alasdair Syme, Christopher G. Thomas.  “Radiation Treatment Planning with Multiple Target Subset Optimization”, filed by Dalhousie University.  US provisional patent application:  US 62/583, 412; PCT application:  PCT/CA2018/051418.
  • R. Lee MacDonald, Alasdair Syme, Christopher G. Thomas.  “Coordinated Radiotherapy for Plural Targets”, filed by Dalhousie University.  US patent application:  16/615,074; European patent application:  EP 1, 880, 4918.3.
  • R. Lee MacDonald, Alasdair Syme, Christopher G. Thomas.  “Systems and Methods for Planning and Controlling the Rotation of a Multileaf Collimator during Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy”, filed by Dalhousie University.  US patent application:  US 16/083,454; European patent application:  17762383.2; PCT application:  PCT/CA2017/050315.
  • R. Lee MacDonald, James L. Robar, Christopher G. Thomas.  “Method and System for Cancer Treatment with Radiation”, filed by Dalhousie University.  US patent:  US 10, 441, 813 B2; European patent application:  EP 3, 169, 398 A4.