Research for a healthier future

As a radiation oncology researcher, you’ll acquire all of the necessary skills to conduct innovative research that includes leadership, management, collaboration and communication. Improving your proficiency in these areas will help you to contribute to what we collectively know about radiation therapy, save lives and prepare you as a future leader of Canada’s scientific community.

We participate in a variety of national and international clinical trials run through the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, industry and other smaller studies.

Residents and students have the opportunity to participate in research at a variety of levels. Past residents have taken the initiative to lead clinical trials and have been involved in basic science and other research projects.

Oncology research day

Every year, we give undergraduate students, postgraduate medical residents, medical physics residents and graduate students involved with the Department of Radiation Oncology or the Division of Medical Oncology an opportunity to showcase their research.