Peer‑Reviewed Abstracts

Abstracts presented at our Annual Oncology Research Day

Waiting times and access to care for non-metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in mainland Nova Scotia

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Effects of a weekend retreat for young adult cancer patients

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'I am not alone': How a weekend retreat helps cancer survivors to cope

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Evaluation of inter-institutional pathology consultations for breast cancer in Nova Scotia

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A case of metastatic adenocarcinoma of the prostate arising in a meningioma

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Improvement of megavoltage cone-beam CT image quality using a low-atomic number X-ray target. Proceedings of the AAPM Annual Meeting

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Isolated metastasis to the cerebellopontine angle secondary to breast cancer

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Concurrent chemotherapy (CHT) and Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) versus IMRT alone for the treatment (TT) of the stage (STG) III-IV oropharyngeal carcinoma (OPC): A retrospective study at the Nova Scotia Cancer Centre (NSCC)

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Isolated metastasis to the cerebellopontine angle secondary to breast cancer.

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Palliative radiotherapy: Associations with age and nursing home residency for adults dying of cancer in Nova Scotia, 2000-2004

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A geometric index for beam orientation optimization in lung conformal radiotherapy

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Comparison of intensity-modulated radiation therapy versus stereotactic radiotherapy for pituitary adenoma

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Guideline Development for the Delineation of the Femoral Head and Neck Anatomy

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Irradiation technique for uveal melanomas using flexible borescope and webcam

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Visual fields are preserved in acromegalic patients treated with SRT.

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Stem cells, senescence, neosis and self-renewal in cancer

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Features of long term management of thyroid cancer

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Stereotactic radiotherapy in the treatment of meningioma: A dose-fall-off study

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Differentiated thyroid cancer in Nova Scotia 1992-2001: Updated analysis and patterns of care and outcome

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Analysis of quality of life in patients with brain metastasis treated with stereotactic radiosurgery

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Preferences for short- versus long-term androgen deprivation in prostate cancer survivors microform

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Testosterone and erectile function recovery after radiotherapy and long - term androgen deprivation with LHRH analogues

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Investigation of surface dose and port obliquity in head and neck IMRT

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Dosimetric feasibility of a two - phase versus a simultaneous integrated boost technique for dose escalated radiotherapy

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Effect of treatment room design on patient mood and mood changes during external beam radiotherapy

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Application of routine quality assurance measures in stereotactic radiosurgery

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Validation of Planned Surface and Build-Up Dose in Head and Neck Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

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How do lung cancer patients experience others' attitudes about lung cancer?

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Guidelines for the management of prostate cancer

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Guidelines for the management of lung cancer

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Trends in the Incidence of small cell lung cancer in Nova Scotia

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