Message from the Division Head

Providing the best possible care for our patients

Neurosurgery in Atlantic Canada was established in 1948 by Dr. William D. Stevenson. Over the years, Halifax neurosurgery has grown into a leading neurosurgical service in Canada. Our patients benefit from the expertise of talented and compassionate individuals in all areas of neurosurgical care. State-of-the-art technology is used on a routine basis to treat conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord. A strong research commitment has made our Division an internationally recognized leader in understanding spinal cord circuitry and response to trauma, injury prevention and technology-based innovations in neurosurgical education. We are convinced that research and innovation ultimately lead to better patient care. Our approach to patient care, research and education is based on the excellence, commitment and dedication of all members of the neurosurgical team and our partners. This multi-disciplinary approach is central to our goal of providing world-class neurosurgical patient care, research and education. We are happy to share our accomplishments with you. I hope the information you will find here gives you a sense of what our wonderful team is all about: providing the best possible care for our patients.

David B. Clarke, MDCM, PhD, FRCSC, DABNS, FACS
Head, Division of Neurosurgery, Dalhousie University; Division Head, Neurosurgery, Nova Scotia Health Authority; Professor, Departments of Surgery (Neurosurgery & Otolaryngology), Medical Neuroscience, Medicine (Endocrinology) and Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences