We have a very extensive fellowship training program.  Our fellows are an integral part of our teaching, research and clinical care. 

Interested in applying for a fellowship? Contact the surgeon you would like to work with:

Fellowship Contact  Additional Documents 
Foot and Ankle Fellowship  Dr. Glazebrook and Dr. Morash Details in PDF,
Guidelines in PDF
Sports Medicine Fellowship  Dr. Wong, Dr. Coady,
Dr. Glazebrook, Dr. Urquhart
Details in PDF
Upper Extremity Fellowship  Dr. Ferguson, Dr. Johnston and Dr. Trenholm Details in PDF
Trauma Fellowship   Dr. Coles or Dr. Leighton
(each with separate fellowships)
Arthroplasty and Revisions Fellowship  Dr. Dunbar and Dr. Richardson  

Spine Fellowship 


Dr. Oxner and Dr. Glennie




Paediatric Fellowships 


Dr. El-Hawary at the IWK


Details in PDF

Details @ POSNA


Orthopaedic Oncology and Complex Restruction Fellowship Dr. Biddulph and Dr. Wilson