Residency Program

Developing well-rounded orthopaedic surgeons

Dalhousie's Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Training is a five-year program that provides a strong clinical exposure in all areas of orthopaedic surgery. We strive to create an environment where the residents can maximize their skills in all fields of orthopaedic surgery. 

We offer a significant operative experience along with a very large ambulatory care component, balanced with an excellent academic program that includes a protected academic half-day and a set two-year curriculum rotation. Our program includes all aspects of training in patient care, surgical technique, and clinical and basic science research. Our goal is to help our residents become well-rounded orthopaedic surgeons.  

Learn more about our residency training program:

For more information, please contact or Education Coordinator, Marlo Ferguson at 902-473-6156 or

Fifth Year Residents:
Ameerah Alrwili,, Moyad Awad, Meghan Flood, Shahriar Seddigh

Fourth Year Residents:

Yazeed Alsaran, Bernard Burgesson, Obaid Al- Hubaishi, Pascal Mailhot




Third Year Residents:

Fares Al-Jahdali, Kaleena Johnston Kit Moran



Second Year Residents:

Abdullah Ashour, Mike Whitcomb, Malik Ali


First Year Residents:

Jillian McNally, Habeeb Alhaboubi, Allison Lowen



Devin Ferguson, Kevin Morash, Patrick Theriault



Abdullah Al-Thubyani, Alexandra Bishop, Islam Elnagar, Daniel McNeil, Iusten Moga




Abdul Alfageeh, Michelle Arakgi, Ayman Awila


Daryl Dillman, Dani Lowe, Chris Rhee


Ahmed Al-Hussain (missing photo), Duncan Smith, Dave Wilson

Arpun Bajwa, Megan Gillis, Keith Neufeld, Bashar Reda

Joel Morash, Caroline Tougas

Brian Flynn, Matt Lewington (missing photo), Duggie McPherson (missing photo)

Michael Loewen, Chris Kennedy, Muthana Sartawi, Alex Soroceanu