How to Apply

Join our outstanding residency training program

How to apply

  • All applications must occur through CARMS programs
  • Applications must include a curriculum vitae and a personal statement letter
  • Personal references are required and should include an orthopaedic surgeon who is familiar with the candidate.
  • Final candidate ranking is done on a point system.


  • Our committee ranks the applications and selected candidates are invited for an interview.
  • Each candidate will be interviewed by a minimum of five people in two separate panels.
  • Our Orthopaedic residents will show candidates the facilities.
  • Interviews will be followed by an informal social.

Personal Letter

A personal statement letter should discuss your background and interests, as well as outline your general interest in orthopaedics.


  • A minimum of two references are required, one of which should be an orthopaedic surgeon. 
  • Late references will be accepted until the end of December.

Selection policy

  • Preference will be given to Canadian medical school graduates who have not had previous post-MD clinical training.
  • All other Canadian citizens and landed immigrants will be considered in the second iteration of the match.
  • International medical graduates must have passed the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Exam (MCCEE) and part 1 of the LMCC.