Developing new treatments

Cardiovascular disease is prevalent in Nova Scotia and around the world. The research efforts of the DalCREW are creating knowledge and advancing the development of new ways to treat cardiovascular disease both here in Nova Scotia and across the globe.

Improving health outcomes

Our researchers are focused on improving health outcomes in patients with several forms of cardiovascular disease, including heart failure, diabetes, obesity and cardiotoxicity. They are interested in development, aging and frailty, as well as sex-hormone regulation of the heart. Some specific areas of strength include:

  • cardiac arrhythmias
  • excitation-contraction coupling
  • mechano-electric coupling
  • developmental biology of the heart
  • cardiac regeneration
  • inflammation of the heart
  • metabolism
  • biomaterials

Wide range of approaches

Members of our group use a wide range of experimental approaches, from cellular and molecular studies to studies in intact animals and in human patients.

Work with us

We regularly work with graduate students, honours students, summer students, postdoctoral fellows and residents to provide enriching and challenging training opportunities that will facilitate career development.

Please contact individual faculty members directly if you have interest in working with a specific member of our group.