Transmission Electron Microscope - JEOL 1230 TEM


Zeiss Sigma 300 FESEM

Scanning Electron Microscope - Zeiss Sigma 300 FESEM

Available detectors on the Zeiss Sigma 300 FESEM

InLens SE – High efficiency annular scintillator detector mounted in Gemini column with optically couples photomultiplier

SE2 – Everhart- Thornley secondary electron detector with optically coupled photomultiplier

VPSE G4 – Fourth generation variable pressure secondary electron detector for imaging in VP mode

HDBSD – High definition retractable four quadrant or 5 segment 16mm solid state diode backscattered detector fitted below the objective lens assembly

aSTEM1 – Pneumatically retractable multi-mode annular Scanning Electron Microscopy (aSTEM) detector, with 12X specimen holder




Sample Preparation

  • Leica EM CPD300 critical point dryer
  • Leica EM ACE600 sputter coater
  • Reichert/Leica Ultracut E ultramicrotome