What types of research can zebrafish be used for?

Zebrafish are a versatile vertebrate developmental biology model. Zebrafish can be used to gain insights into human diseases including cancer, cardiac development and function, neurologic diseases, memory and other phenomena. Check out our current users to see what work is being done at Dalhousie with zebrafish.

Are services available to researchers outside of Dalhousie University?

Yes, services are available to any academic institution or company.

What transgenic, mutant, and wild type lines are available?

Our facility houses over 80 different strains of transgenic, mutant, and wild type lines. For a full list of lines that are currently available for sale please contact the Facility Manager. New lines are being added regularly to this list.

Where can zebrafish be shipped to?

We can ship fish anywhere! We have sent fish (both embryos and adults) to most provinces in Canada and a few facilities in the states. Depending on the distance the shipment will be travelling it may be beneficial to order embryos which are more resilient to travel.

What is the health status of the Core zebrafish?

Sentinel fish in our clean room are  sent to Idexx BioAnalytics once a year for a comprehensive PCR panel for zebrafish pathogens to update the health status. To get the most recent results from our testing please contact the Facility Manager.

Is it possible to visit the facility?

If you are interested in visiting the facility you can Contact the Manager.