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Board of Directors

Leading with experience

The Dalhousie Medical Alumni Association (DMAA) is proud of our committed, hands-on Board of Directors. Fourteen of our board members are graduates of Dalhousie Medical School, which means they have the experience they need to oversee the governance of the association.

We choose our board members with care. They’re selected for their leadership, transparency, commitment and professionalism. We carefully select people we trust to achieve our vision of connecting our alumni, current learners and faculty.


2016-17 Board of Directors    
Dr. John Steeves MD'74 president
Dr. Peggy Leighton
MD'77 vice-president
Dr. George Ferrier MD'73 treasurer
Dr. David Amirault MD'76 past-president
Dr. Michael Banks MD'70 member at large
Dr. Lori Connors MD'05 member at large
Dr. Kenneth Cooper MD'88 member at large
Dr. Katherine Glazebrook MD'94 member at large
Dr. Maria Lang
MD'86 member at large
Dr. Mary Kathleen O'Brien MD'87 member at large
Dr. Merv Shaw MD'65 member at large
Dr. William Stymiest
MD'14 member at large
Dr. David Anderson MD'83 ex-officio member and dean of medicine
Sheila Blair-Reid   ex-officio and office of advancement
Evie Sabean Croucher   ex-officio and alumni relations officer
Patrick Holland
  ex-officio and DMSS president
Dr. Ian Macdonald
MD'17 ex-officio and Maritime Resident Doctors
Brian Thompson   ex-officio and Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation
Anne Weeden   ex-officio and assistant dean operation & policy