Dalhousie Medical School is celebrating its 151st anniversary with two days of events from November 1-2, 2019 including a celebration gala, a continuing professional development session and a fun run. Tickets to the gala are now available.

Several classes and groups are holding reunions in conjunction with the gala:

  • MD 1989: Festivities marking the Class of 1989's 30th reunion will begin at 4:30pm on Friday, November 1 and continue until the afternoon of November 3. For more information, contact Dr. Hilary Writer at hwriter@cheo.on.ca.
  • MD 1979: The Class of 1979 is holding a class dinner on Friday, November 1 in the Brunswick Room at the Cambridge Suites Hotel. For more information, contact Dr. Vance Logan, vancehlogan@gmail.com.
  • MD 1959: The Class of 1959 is celebrating its 60th reunion with a dinner at Cafe Chianti on Friday, November 1 at 5:30pm. For more information, contact Dr. Donald Brown at 902-422-4015.
  • Nu Sigma Phi Chi Medical Fraternity: Nu Sigma Phi Chi Medical Fraternity is having a reunion and meeting at the Marriott Residence Inn at 4:00pm on November 2 before the DalMed 151 Gala. To learn more, contact Dana Murphy at 812-923-7270 or email phichi@phi-chi.org.

Did you make it to the DalMed150 Gala Celebration Weekend last year? Check out some great photos from the event on the Faculty of Medicine website.