Schedule Changes (Guidelines for PGY1)

Postgraduate guidelines regarding requests for PGY1 schedule changes

Dalhousie University Postgraduate Medical Education is conducted in affiliated teaching hospitals in the Maritime Provinces. The Postgraduate Medical Education Office is charged with the duty of filling training services in these accredited hospitals. The scheduling programme that creates the PGY1 schedule takes all Residency Training Program approved rotations, all hospital service quotas and all PGY1 resident requests for scheduling preferences into consideration. It should be noted that residents will not always receive their first choice of rotation preferences. The assignment of residents to services meets the educational objectives set out by each Residency Training Program. 

Requests for schedule changes are not encouraged and will only be considered under exceptional circumstances, i.e. for medical considerations. Requests for leaving an approved residency rotation/service for reasons that are not exceptional, cannot be considered. Requests for changes to the schedule must be discussed with a resident’s Program Director. We are obligated to provide educational experience once the Final PGY1 Schedule is distributed. Any request for a change must comply with the following procedures:

  1. Requests for changes must be received at least three months in advance of the rotation change requested.
  2. If the experience is available within the Dalhousie system, you will not be permitted to go elsewhere.
  3. Residents must get approval from the service they wish to join, and permission from the service they wish to leave. 
  4. Notice of approvals must be sent to the Postgraduate Medical Education Office, who will ensure all individuals and departments are notified of any change.
  5. The Program Director must approve any changes to mandatory rotations or rotations not specified in the overall program design for the PGY1 year. Specification for PGY1 schedules can be discussed with your home program.

PGY 1 Schedule Changes Form PDF- [60kBs]

(Fillable only when downloaded and opened with Adobe Reader or Acrobat)