Storm Closures

University Storm Closures

When the University is closed, the Tupper Medical Building, Tupper Link and the Clinical Research Centre are closed, along with other buildings on the Dalhousie campus. Therefore, all offices (except for those considered to be essential services*) are closed and classes located at Dalhousie are cancelled. This policy includes classes normally held anywhere on campus at Dalhousie University and applies to undergraduate medical and graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine.

*As per the University's policy on class/examination cancellation or curtailment of other University activities or services due to adverse conditions, occupations designated as essential in the Faculty of Medicine are faculty/staff in clinical areas and designated Animal Care staff.

Clinical clerks and residents are expected to carry out their clinical learning responsibilities as usual and are asked to make every reasonable effort to report to the hospitals or other teaching sites outside the Dalhousie campus. If the weather is severe, it's a good idea to check with your program director or the supervising faculty member for your scheduled rotation or learning experience.