Moonlighting During Maternity/Parental Leave

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office's current practice for processing Maternity and Parental Leaves is to inform all agencies: CPSNS, CPSNB, CMPA, PARI-MP, the Capital District, and any other hospital a resident is assigned to, of the time a trainee will be off. A resident's training status is basically in "suspension" during any leave of absence, as this provision ensures that sufficient funding is available when the trainee rejoins his or her program. CMPA is suspended for most or all of this period and the money is refunded to the employer. Both a Dalhousie contract and CMPA must be in place for an educational license to be valid, and of course hospital credentialing requires CMPA and a license to be in effect.

There is a federal provision for those on Employment Insurance for parental/maternal leave that permits an individual to work a certain number of hours per week. In the case of a resident, the individual must ensure that they have an active license and CMPA and appropriate credentialing in place during this period. Residents who wish to purse this option will need to discuss licenses, CMPA and credentialing directly with the agencies involved.