Return of Service Agreement

Commitments after residency

In the CaRMS process, a number of residency positions will require Return of Service (ROS) commitments.  All dedicated GNLCAMS positions require an ROS agreement.  These positions are identified as IMG positions on the CaRMS site.  Some programs may also have ROS positions available for graduates of Canadian Medical Schools. Individuals who match in an ROS stream are required to sign a return of service contract prior to starting their residency with the agency sponsoring the position.  Sponsors of the positions in the GNLCAMS stream, are the Ministry of Health of Nova Scotia, or New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.

Unfilled positions after the first iteration are open to all candidates including graduates of Canadian Medical Schools and GNLCAMSs who fulfill the eligibility criteria.  Those individuals who are matched through CaRMS to unfilled residency positions with associated ROS commitments are required to sign a return of service contract with the specific sponsoring agency prior to starting their residency.

A resident whose ROS agreement is terminated during the training period will be required to withdraw from their Dalhousie residency training program because there will no longer be the requisite funding for his or her participation in the training program (including but not limited to tuition, compensation, and benefits).

The number of dedicated GNLCAMS ROS positions allocated by each provincial department of health is updated annually and advertised on the CaRMS website.

For a contract template for a specific province, or to discuss terms and conditions of the ROS in each of the jurisdictions, the provincial contacts are as follows:

Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness

New Brunswick Department of Health
Michelle Anne Duguay

Prince Edward Island Department of Health
Christie MacPherson