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Dalhousie University
Clinical Research Centre
Room C-234
5849 University Avenue
PO BOX 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2

Tel: 902-494-8321
Fax: 902-494-3644
Email: pgmedesk@dal.ca

By courier

Dalhousie University
Faculty of Medicine
Clinical Research Centre
C-234, 5849 University Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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General enquiries/verifications Phone: 902-494-8321
Email: pgmedesk@dal.ca
Visiting doctor electives Phone: 902-494-3300
Email: pgmeel@dal.ca
Visa trainees Phone: 902-494-7038
Email: visaimgdesk@dal.ca
Admissions Phone: 902-494-3300
Email: admissions.pgme@dal.ca

Staff directory

Postgraduate Medical Education Office

Associate Dean Dr. Andrew Warren
Phone: 902-494-1850
Email: andrew.warren@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Medical Education Teaching and Research Office
Dr. Geoffrey Williams
Phone: 902-473-4584
Email: gswillia@dal.ca
Director Christine Silver Smith
Phone: 902-494-1885
Email: christine.silver@dal.ca
Education Specialist
Jenny Acuna
Phone: 902-494-3117
Email: jenny.acuna@dal.ca
Verification/Resident Management Coordinator Kathryn Theriault
Phone: 902-494-8321
Email: pgmedesk@dal.ca
Administrator, Accreditation Valerie Wilson
Phone: 902-494-2154
Email: vswilson@dal.ca
Administrator, VISA/IMG Trainees Charles Hsuen
Phone: 902-494-7038
Email: charlesh@dal.ca
Administrator, Records Management
Lynsay McGuigan (acting)
Phone: 902-494-2362
Fax: 902-494-4857
Email: resmgmt@dal.ca
Evaluation Coordinator Dr. Cindy L. Shearer
Phone: 902-494-2504
Email: cindy.shearer@dal.ca
Administrative Secretary to Dr. Warren Christina Dort (acting)
Phone: 902-494-1850
Email: adminpgm@dal.ca
Clerk, Admissions, VISA/IMG & Electives Staci Hart
Phone: 902-494-3300
Email: admispgm@dal.ca,