Electives for non‑Dalhousie Trainees

Training opportunities in Maritime Canada

For non-Dalhousie residents interested in an elective in Maritime Canada, visiting electives at Dalhousie offer a mix of opportunities. Whether you're looking for something in one of our affiliated teaching hospitals or want to experience rural medicine in a community rotation, Dalhousie has electives available to meet your needs.

Find your elective

There are two steps that you'll need to take before applying for an elective at Dalhousie:

Step 1: Contact the department
Elective trainees must first contact the department or service they wish to train in. The program director/preceptor in that program will determine if an elective position is available for you.

See our residency programs page for program director contact information.

Step 2: Apply for your elective with the PGME office
Once a program director/preceptor has confirmed availability in their department or service, an online application must be filled out through our website. A link to the application form is below.

Register for your elective now.


Questions about elective opportunities can be directed to pgmeel@dal.ca or 902-494-3300.