Med 4 (Clerkship)


Giving you hands-on, clinical experience

During the third and fourth years of the MD program (Med 3 and 4), you'll participate in a variety of clerkship experiences that provide hands-on opportunities to learn and develop clinical skills.

Med 4 runs for 32 weeks with scheduled time for you to participate in 18 weeks of electives. These 18 weeks are broken up as follows:

  • General electives (12 weeks)
  • Non-tertiary/community-based electives (3 consecutive weeks)
  • Interdisciplinary electives (3 consecutive weeks)

At the end of Med 4, three weeks are scheduled for the Critical Review and Mastery unit. This unit will prepare you for your Medical Council of Canada exam and first year of residency. An Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course is required for any residency program and will be offered to you during this unit.

Vacation and Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS) interviewing time is scheduled around your clinical rotations. For a better understanding of Med 4, contact for more information.