Cindy  FengPhD

Associate Professor

Fax: 902-473-4631
Mailing Address: 
Centre for Clinical Research 5790 University Ave. Halifax, NS B3H 1V7
Research Topics:
  • Biostatistics
  • Spatial statistics and disease mapping
  • Statistical methods for survival and longitudinal data
  • Environmental and ecological statistics
  • Infectious disease surveillance


  • PhD (Simon Fraser University)
  • MSc (Simon Fraser University)
  • BSc (Beijing University of Technology)

Research Interests

Dr. Feng’s research interests lie primarily in developing biostatistical models for analyzing correlated data in which repeated measurements, hierarchical clustering, multiple outcome types, and spatially correlated data might occur. Dr. Feng's research has been funded by NSERC Discovery Grant, Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute and MITACS. She has a deep desire to bridge the gap between statistical methods and practice through pursuing methodological development and application of statistical methods in public health, which has led her to develop partnerships with many researchers from various disciplines, i.e. medicine, psychology, biology, and sociology.

Selected Publications

  • Feng, C.X. (2020) Zero-Inflated Models for Adjusting Varying Exposures: A Cautionary Note on the Pitfalls of Using Offset. Journal of Applied Statistics (In Print)
  • Feng, C.X., Li, L.H., Sadeghpour, A.* (2020) A Comparison of Residual Diagnosis Tools for Diagnosing Regression Models for Count Data. BMC Medical Research Methodology 20:175.
  • Feng, C.X. (2019) Zero-Augmented Accelerated Spatial Failure Model for Modeling Hospital Length of Stay Data. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology 29 (121-137).
  • Feng, C.X., Osgood, N.D. and Dyck, R. F. (2018) Low Birth Weight, Cumulative Obesity Dose, and the Risk of Incident Type 2 Diabetes. 5:1-9 Journal of Diabetes Research.
  • Ahmed, A.*, Feng, C.X., Bowen, A. and Muhajarine, N. (2018) Latent trajectory groups of perinatal depressive and anxiety symptoms from pregnancy to early postpartum and their antenatal risk factors. Archives of Women’s Mental Health
  • Mobin, A.*, Feng, C.X. and Neudorf, C. (2017) Cyberbullying victimization among the elementary school children in a community-based sample in Canada: prevalence and risk factors. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 108(5-6): e475–e481.
  • Feng,  C.X., Rostami, M.*, and Li, L. (2017).  Impact of Misspecified Residual Correlation Structure on the Parameter Estimates in a Shared Spatial Frailty Model. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 87(12):2384–2410.
  • Feng, C.X. and Piesse, A. (2017) On Correcting Measurement Error in the Persistence Rate Estimator. Communication in Statistics -Simulation and Computation, 0(0), 1-17.
  • Li, L., Feng, C.X., Qiu, S.* (2017). Estimating Cross-validatory Predictive P-values with Integrated Importance Sampling for Disease Mapping Models. Statistics in Medicine, 36(14): 2220–2236.
  • Feng, C.X., Waldner, C. Cushon, J., Davy, K., Neudorf, C. (2016).  Suicidal Ideation in a Community Based Sample of Elementary School Children: a Multilevel and Spatial Analysis. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 107(1):100-105.
  • Feng, C.X., Li, J., Sun, W.J., Zhang, Y. and Wang, Q.Y. (2016). Impact of Ambient Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Exposure on the Risk of Influenza-Like-Illness: A Time-Series Analysis in Beijing, China. Environmental Health, 15:17.
  • Feng, C.X. (2015). Bayesian joint modeling of correlated counts data with application to adverse birth outcomes. Journal of Applied Statistics, 42(6), 1206-1222.
  • Zhang, Y., Feng, C.X., Ma, C.N., Yang, P., Tang, S., Lau, A., Sun, W.J. and Wang, Q.Y. (2015). The impact of temperature and humidity measures on H7N9 outbreak-evidence from China. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 30:122-124.
  • Feng, C.X., Dean, C.B. and Richard R. (2013). Impact of misspecifying spatial exposures in a generalized additive model framework: with application to the study of the dynamics of Comandra Blister rust in BC. Environmetrics, 24(2): 63-80.
  • Feng, C.X., Debeck, K., Kerr, T., Mathias, S., Montaner, J. and Wood, E. (2012). Homelessness independently predicts injection drug use initiation among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting. Journal of Adolescent Health, 52(4):499-501.
  • Feng, C.X. and Dean, C.B. (2012). Joint analysis of multivariate spatial count and zero-heavy count outcomes using common spatial factor models. Environmetrics, 23(6):493-508.
  • Feng, C.X., Cao, J. and Bendell-Young, L. (2011). Exploring spatial and temporal variations of Cadmium concentrations in Pacific oysters from British Columbia. Biometrics, 67:1142-1152.

Select Grant Awards

  • 2019-2023 PI, Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Statistical Models and Diagnostics Tools for Spatially Correlated Skewed and Heterogeneous Data ($80,000)
  • 2013-2019 PI, Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Joint Modeling of Multiple Spatial Temporal Outcomes ($75,000+$15,000 supplement) 
  • 2016-2019 Co-PI, MITACS Accelerate Grant, Modeling Fatal and Non-Fatal Occupational Injuries in Saskatchewan ($45,000)
  • 2016-2020 Co-PI, Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (WCB)(Industrial Contract), Modeling fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries in Saskatchewan ($65,800)