Daniel  Dutton PhD

Assistant Professor

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Email: Daniel.Dutton@dal.ca
Phone: (506) 636-6257
Fax: (506) 636-6001
Mailing Address: 
Dal Med NB Rm 211, 100 Tucker Park Road, PO Box 5050, Saint John, NB, E2L 4L5
Research Topics:
  • Social epidemiology
  • Population health
  • Public health policy
  • Poverty & homelessness
  • Health economics


  • PhD (Calgary, Community Health Sciences)
  • MA (Calgary, Economics)
  • BA Honours (Queen’s, Economics)

Research interests

Dr. Dutton’s research focuses on how the environments within which individuals live their lives impact their eventual health outcomes, and in particular, how governments can act to mitigate the influences of those environments. His work focuses on the distributional impact of changes in government policy or societal factors.

Selected publications

  • Dutton DJ, Jadidzadeh A. (forthcoming) The incidence of homelessness is a population-level phenomenon. Can Stud Popul.
  • Dutton DJ, Forest PG, Kneebone RD, Zwicker JD. (2018) Effect of provincial spending on social services and health care on health outcomes in Canada: an observational longitudinal study. CMAJ.
  • Dutton DJ, McLaren L. (2016) How important are determinants of obesity measured at the individual level for explaining geographic variation in body mass index distributions? Observational evidence from Canada using Quantile Regression and Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition. J Epidemiol Community Health.
  • Dutton DJ, McLaren L. (2014) The usefulness of “corrected” body mass index vs. self-reported body mass index: comparing the population distributions, sensitivity, specificity, and predictive utility of three correction equations using Canadian population-based data.  BMC Public Health.

Service & activity

  • MSSU Affiliate Scientist