Joel AdelsonM.D./PhD


Mailing Address: 
Centre for Clinical Research. 5790 University Avenue, 4th Floor. Halifax, NS B3H 1V7
Research Topics:
  • Public Health


  • PhD (Univerisyt of Southern Califaornia)
  • M.D. (University of California)
  • MSc (Columbia University)
  • MSc (Harvard University)
  • BSc (Case Western Reserve University)

Selected Publications 

  • Krill LS, Adelson JW, Randall LM, Bristow RE, Clinical commentary: Medical ethics and the ramifications of equipoise in clinical research. Is a confirmatory trial using a non-bevacizumab containing arm feasible in patients with recurrent cervical cancer?Gynecologic Oncology, Volume 134, Issue 3, 447-449 (January 2014)
  • Adelson, JW and Weinberg, JK., The California Stem Cell InitiativePersuasion, Politics, and Public Science, Volume 100, Issue 3, 446-451 (Amer. J. Pub. Health, January 2010)
  • Miller RH, D’Amato K, Oliva N, West CE, and Adelson JW, Barriers to Financing Clinical Information Systems in California Healthcare Delivery System OrganisationsCalifornia's Digital Divide (June 2009)
  • Miller RH, D’Amato K, Oliva N, West CE, and Adelson JW, Clinical Information Systems For The Haves And Have-NotsCalifornia’s Digital Divide, Volume 28, Issue 2 (Health Affairs, January 2009)
  • Fox P, Porter PG, Lob SH, Holloman Boer J, Rocha DA, Adelson JW, Improving Asthma-Related Health Outcomes Among Low-Income, Multi-Ethnic School-Aged Children: Results of a Demonstration Project That Combined Continuous Quality Improvement and Community Health Worker Strategies.Pediatrics, Volume 120, Issue 4 (January 2007)


  • Medicin Year 2 - ProComp 2 Public Health