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A wealth of opportunity

Interested in critical care medicine? At Dalhousie, you’ll find a variety of programs, including:

Undergraduate education: As a medical school student, you’ll have access to critical care education during your undergraduate program, beginning in your third year. These opportunities will include electives, selective rotations and a week assisting in the operating room.

Residency rotations: As a resident of anesthesia, emergency medicine, internal medicine or surgery, you have the opportunity to fulfill both compulsory and elective requirements of your training by completing rotations with the Department of Critical Care.

Subspecialty training program: This two-year Adult Critical Care Training Program lets you expand on your postgraduate education by honing your skills in adult critical care medicine.

Continuing medical education: Our simulation-based learning program teaches critical care medicine to residents, medical students and faculty using high-fidelity simulation sessions to practice running complex scenarios. They also participate in hospital mock codes and interprofessional simulations on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Educational events: Interested in sitting in on our rounds? Our schedule and details on past Grand Rounds presentations are listed here.

Interested in learning more about our critical care programs? Contact us.