For Current Learners

Your source for important information

Please do not hesitate to contact the members of our Education Office with questions or for specific information and instruction. If you have research related questions, please contact our Research Office.


One45 has many different functions. It is your source for current policies, evaluations and assessments, objectives, as well as schedules for academic curriculum and activities. It is the software used by our clinical teachers to complete evaluations online.

You will find policies and forms, and other important documents relevant to you within One45 under ‘Handouts and Links’ in your One45 eDossier as Program Objects.

Information regarding rotation-specific objectives and other documents are located under ‘Handouts and Links’ as Rotation Objects.

Details on upcoming academic sessions are found in the ‘My Calendar’ tab under ‘Schedules’.


Brightspace is Dalhousie’s online learning management system. It supports teaching and learning in a distributed model of education.