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Phone: 902-494-4519
Fax: 902-494-5125
Mailing Address: 
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Dalhousie University
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building, Room 7-P
5850 College Street
PO Box 15000
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Virology
  • Influenza
  • Herpesviruses
  • Coronaviruses
  • Antiviral drug discovery
  • Cancer
  • Stress responses
  • DNA Damage
  • Unfolded protein
  • Autophagy
  • Translation


BSc, University of New Brunswick
PhD, University of British Columbia
Postdoctoral Training, University of California San Francisco

Research interests

Our research is focused on innate host antiviral defenses and the viral countermeasures that have evolved to subvert these defenses. We primarily study influenza viruses, coronaviruses and a cancer-causing herpesvirus known as KSHV.

Selected publications

  • Slaine PD, Kleer M, Duguay B, Pringle ES, Kadijk E, Ying S, Balgi AD, Roberge M, McCormick C#, Khaperskyy DA# (2021) Thiopurines activate an antiviral unfolded protein response that blocks influenza A virus glycoprotein accumulation. Journal of Virology 95:e00453-21. # = co-corresponding authors
  • Rahim MM*, Parsons B*, Price EL, Slaine PD, Chilvers BL, Seaton GS, Wight A, Medina-Luna D, Dey S, Grandy SL, Anderson LE, Zamorano Cuervo N, Grandvaux N, Gaglia MM, Kelvin AA, Khaperskyy DA, McCormick C#, Makrigiannis AP#. (2020) Defective influenza A virus RNA products mediate MAVS-dependent upregulation of human leukocyte antigen class I proteins. Journal of Virology 94:e00165-20. *= co-first authors, # = co-corresponding authors
  • Johnston BP, Pringle ES, McCormick C. (2019) KSHV activates unfolded protein response sensors but suppresses downstream transcriptional responses to support lytic replication. PLOS Pathogens 15(12):e1008185.
  • Gaucherand L*, Porter BK*, Levene RE, Price EL, Schmaling SK, Rycroft CH, Kevorkian Y, McCormick C#, Khaperskyy DA#, Gaglia MM#. (2019) The influenza A virus endoribonuclease PA-X usurps host mRNA processing machinery to limit host gene expression. Cell Reports 27(3):776-792. * = co-first authors, # = co-corresponding authors
  • McCormick C, Khaperskyy DA. Translation inhibition and stress granules in the control of the antiviral immune response. Nat. Rev. Immunol., 2017 Jun 26. Doi: 10.1038/nri.2017.63. [Epub ahead of print] Review. PMID: 28669985
  • Khapersky DA, Schmaling S, Larkins-Ford J, McCormick C*, Gaglia MM* (2016) Selective degradation of host RNA polymerase II transcripts by influenza A virus PA-X host shutoff protein. PLoS Pathogens 12(2):e1005427 (*co-corresponding authors)
  • Corcoran JA, Johnston BP, McCormick C. (2015) Viral activation of MK2-hsp27-p115RhoGEF-RhoA signaling axis causes cytoskeletal rearrangements, p-body disruption and ARE-mRNA stabilization. PLoS Pathog 11(1): e1004597.
  • Khaperskyy DA, Emara MM, Johnston BP, Anderson P, Hatchette TF, McCormick C. (2014) Influenza A virus blocks antiviral stress-induced translation arrest. PLoS Pathog. 10(7): e1004217.
  • Leidal AM, Cyr DP, Hill RJ, Lee PWK, McCormick C. (2012) Subversion of autophagy by Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus impairs oncogene-induced senescence. Cell Host & Microbe. 11(2):167-80.
  • Khaperskyy DA, Hatchette TF, McCormick C. (2012) Influenza A virus inhibits cytoplasmic stress granule formation. FASEB J. 26(4):1629-39.
  • Corcoran JA, Khaperskyy DA, Johnston BP, King CA, Cyr DP, Olsthoorn AV, McCormick C. (2012) Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus G-protein coupled receptor prevents AU-rich element-mediated mRNA decay. J. Virol. 86(16):8859-71.

Selected awards and honours:

  • Lecturer of the Year, Awarded by the Society for Microbiology & Immunology Students (2018)
  • Rosemary Gill Award (for outstanding service to students) (2019)
  • NS-CIHR RPP New Investigator Salary Award (2007 - 2012)

Other interests and achievemements:

  • Co-founder of Canadian Society of Virology (2015)