Trainee Research Day

Sharing knowledge

No matter where you work or study within the Department of Pediatrics, Trainee Research Day represents a great opportunity to share your research and learn more about the findings of your colleagues. Presentations are judged, with awards for the best in several categories.

Attendees include:

  • residents
  • fellows
  • medical students
  • undergraduate science students
  • postdoctoral fellows
  • PhD candidates
  • masters candidates

Held in the spring each year, Research Day will provide you with a greater understanding of our department's research activities while also giving you the chance to develop new, collaborative relationships. Plus, you’ll learn from the experience of a distinguished keynote speaker.

Want to present?

If you’re a learner within the Department of Pediatrics, you’re welcome to apply to present. Simply request the abstract form from your faculty supervisor. The call for abstracts begins in January each year.

Faculty Research Day

A Faculty Research Day is held every two years in the fall.