Providing a wide range of clinical care

At Dalhousie Medical School’s Department of Pediatrics, clinical care is provided through 16 clinical divisions and two clinical services. We provide most of our clinical care at the IWK Health Centre, the only children's hospital in the Maritimes. With a catchment area of 1.8 million, it’s the ideal place for our department to carry out our mandate of providing secondary and tertiary care to Maritime children and youth.

Providing care "closer-to-home" is one of our key goals. In keeping with this philosophy, our clinical care professionals provide more than 200 days of care through Maritime outreach clinics every year.

We also maintain close working relationships with regional pediatricians, family doctors and other health care professionals in our patients’ home community. By consulting with these community care providers, we’re able to develop alternative methods of care that allow our patients to receive care closer to home.

Divisions and services