Pediatric Palliative Medicine

Pediatric Advance Care Team (PACT)

Our Mission

The Pediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT) is a consultative service dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing and comfort of children in the Maritimes experiencing life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, prenatal to teen, and to support their caregivers via the prevention and early relief of symptoms and the provision of an additional layer of family-centered supports throughout the illness experience, whether on to cure or into bereavement.

Our Goal

Our service aims to enhance quality of life for children living with life limiting or life-threatening conditions.

What We Do

  • PACT offers active management and prevention of symptoms causing discomfort and distress
  • PACT facilitates communication with families and care teams to navigate difficult scenarios and encourage shared decision making with sensitivity to the family’s cultural and spiritual values, beliefs and practices.
  • PACT provides coordination of care in consultation with the child’s primary and specialty care teams, both within the Health Centre and throughout the Maritimes.
  • PACT offers home visits to support patients and their families living in the HRM, when appropriate and requested
  • PACT is a resource for pediatric palliative care throughout the Maritimes working directly with the patient and family, providing support to clinicians, allied health professionals, and volunteers.
  • PACT provides guidance to patients/families, and care teams, that would benefit from care planning/advance directives related to medical treatments
  • PACT provides ethical guidance and support.
  • PACT is available to expectant parents facing difficult decisions and an uncertain future for their infant. This may involve symptom management to promote comfort and quality of life.
  • PACT provides end-of-life care including emotional, social and spiritual support as well as family bereavement support.
  • PACT provides end-of-life resources to all patient care areas including some materials for memory-making
  • PACT provides bereavement follow-up services for grieving families including literary, online and community resource sharing.
  • PACT Bereavement Coordinator is available for debrief sessions with staff and other PACT members are available for residents and others debrief sessions.
  • PACT prepares and distributes an annual mail-out for grieving families with tips and suggestions for managing holidays and celebrations.
  • PACT hosts the Annual Afternoon of Remembrance.
  • PACT oversees end-of-life policies for the Health Centre
  • PACT participates in research leading to the optimization of wellbeing and best outcomes for children living with life-threatening and/or life-limiting conditions and the most effective and meaningful support for their families.
  • PACT develops and delivers effective inter-professional educational programs to health care staff within the IWK and throughout the Maritimes
  • PACT is committed to research and advocacy for children and their families living with life limiting illnesses/medical complexity.

About Our Team

The Pediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT) is ‘small but mighty’ and includes physician[s], a clinical nurse specialist, a bereavement coordinator and an administrative assistant. NOTE:  PACT limits rotations in pediatric palliative medicine and complex care to senior level learners (e.g., medical residents, adult palliative fellows, NICU fellows and oncology fellows, advance practice nurses, etc.) We are unable at this time to provide clinical experiences to more junior learners (e.g., medical students).

Our People

Our faculty

Our colleagues

Contact info

Admin/general inquiries during business hours, please call: 902-470-7262
Urgent afterhours/weekends/holidays, please page PACT via switchboard: 902-470-8888
Clinical Nurse Specialist:  902-470-7984
Bereavement Services: 902-470-8942

Mailing Address:
IWK Health Centre Pediatric Advance Care Team (PACT)
Main Floor, Children's Site, Room K2101
5850/5980 University Avenue
PO Box 9700
Halifax, NS  B3K 6R8