Promoting allergy education

Allergies can affect all aspects of a child’s life—from their diet to their daily activities. The Division of Allergy aims to help alleviate the impact by providing high-quality, family-centred care to all children and youth within the Maritime provinces.

Since managing allergies is often a community affair, we also place a strong emphasis on education, collaborating with the IWK Health Centre to advocate for children with allergic diseases, and to provide learning and research opportunities to everyone affected by allergies, including our:

  • students
  • staff
  • patients and their families
  • community members

Clinical activities

With busy clinical practices, our faculty members echo our commitment to community involvement. Since 2005, these individuals have helped us to steadily expand our services, and to maintain a focus on patient-centred care.

In addition to these faculty members, we also rely on:

  • our multidisciplinary team of experts
  • our allergy clinic nurse and educator
  • our dietitian

Teaching activities

If you’re a medical student interested in exploring allergies, consider attending our Allergy Clinic.

As a general pediatrics resident, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to familiarize yourself with the topic. Not only will you spend four academic half-days studying allergy topics, you’ll also spend up to four weeks of your ambulatory rotation assessing patients.

Research interests

Our allergy division is tackling a number of important research topics, including:

  • food allergy and intolerance

  • asthma education

For more information on our specific projects, check out our faculty members below.

Our people

We’re proud of our knowledgeable faculty members and researchers. Find out more about:

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