Undergraduate Program

Part of a well-rounded program

At Dalhousie University, our undergraduate curriculum is designed to give you a solid base for future medical study. To achieve this, we expose you to a wide variety of medical areas and specialties—and pediatrics is a major focus.

As a med student, you’ll spend a significant amount of time throughout your four years of study looking at pediatric issues and specialties. You’ll build your knowledge through a combination of didactic, clinical and community-based experiences.

Hands-on experience

The case-based courses at the Centre for Collaborative Clinical Learning and Research let you practise your budding skills safely by giving you access to children and youth who, along with their parents, are trained to act as simulated patients. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with infants, children and youth in ambulatory and inpatient settings.

Why study here?

Dalhousie Medical School attracts some of Canada’s best students, physicians and medical researchers. Our graduates consistently perform in the top 25% of the Medical Council of Canada licensing exams. Apply now.