Technoscience and Regulation Research Unit

Making connections

At the Technoscience and Regulation Research Unit (TRRU), we study the relationship between risk and technoscience, drawing from fields like anthropology, sociology, biomedicine and political science.

We also use a conceptual framework of science and technology studies, and a multi-sited ethnographic methodological approach to examine and develop a better understanding of how scientific and cultural facts emerge. Using a science studies framework makes it possible to examine the associations and implications of a wide number of variables, including:

  • information
  • concepts
  • disease
  • diagnosis
  • measurement instruments
  • regulation
  • technological and risk assessment
  • profits

Our ethnographic projects are spread across a wide variety of public and private laboratories, in both developed and developing countries. Our projects also touch a number of industries—including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and government.

Our primary research site is Canada, but our members have also conducted research in Burkina Faso, Colombia and the United Kingdom.

Our people

Our unit is made up of an interdisciplinary team of researchers led by medical anthropologist and Canada Research Chair, Professor Janice Graham. Our diverse work attracts researchers from a variety of disciplines including:

  • anthropology
  • medical sociology
  • science and technology
  • molecular biology
  • political science
  • bioethics
  • law
  • history

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